How coaching can enhance your work performance

With coaching, you improve your self-understanding, become more resourceful and be able to create new learning paths. But how do you incorporate coaching in your workday? And how can you benefit from coaching?
How coaching can enhance your work performance

Steer through change with coaching

Coaching is a collaboration between you and your coach, where you work on reducing your challenges and accommodate your development opportunities. Being able to listen to your own self-narration and reflection can inspire new solutions, which is exactly what coaching focuses on.

The starting point of coaching is always change. Your urge to make this change can come from both external and internal circumstances, but in both instances, it’s about engaging new potential.

Bringing a professional coach into your development process has great advantages. Your own personal coach helps you navigate through difficult paths in your career and makes the development process more dynamic and effective.

Different coaching gives a different outcome

Let’s take a starting point in two scenarios: coaching for managers and coaching for employees.

Both scenarios can have the same challenges such as a focus on communication skills, motivation, handling change etc., but with different aspects of the matter.

The typical goals when coaching managers are:

  • Development in case of a career change

  • Competence mapping to develop your full potential

  • Strengthen your leadership to gain better success

  • Your company have made changes that challenge you

  • You want to develop your leadership, so you’re able to motivate your employees more

  • You want to decrease stress

  • You are a newly promoted leader and now have responsibility for your former colleagues

In an employee’s point of view, coaching can be tailored to reach other goals, such as:

  • Enhancing optimal performance

  • Being able to make better results

  • Guidance in case of specific work challenges

  • Adapt to change

  • Convert to new work areas, that demand new personal development

  • Help to deal with stress

  • Developing communication and collaboration skills

Coaching an employee is different from coaching a manager. It is often best that coaches, who coach managers, has management experience, as they have a better understanding of the subject, and can include scenarios from their own experience.

It is therefore important that you match with the right coach - a coach that is right for you.

When not to coach

Challenges in your work life can root in personal problems, but there is a fine line between professional coaching and personal counseling.

It’s natural for many coaching sessions to touch upon private matters, which influence your work life, but it is important to distinguish between whether it is a coach or counselor that is needed. If the focus during the process moves away from the coachee's work situation, the coachee should be guided to find the right help, e.g. a psychologist.

How to incorporate coaching in your workday

So, coaching can seem like a comprehensive process, but it doesn’t have to be.

Online convenience is the key, and with digital sessions, it’s easy to fit your coaching into your tight schedule.

LevelUp is designed with your professional development in focus, on a platform that is intuitive and secure. The LevelUp app helps you prepare for each session and gives you a clear understanding of what you and your coach have discussed in your previous session, and what you have agreed for you to work on. Furthermore, you can reflect on your progression during the entire process, so you can see the impact of your learning and development. By doing this, you have a better starting point before your next session and you are more focused on what to discuss or work on.

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