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Powered by AS3 company best online coaches

LevelUp is developed and powered by coaches from AS3. AS3 has more than 30 years of experience with coaching and is The Nordics market leader within workforce transformation. With its own EMCC accredited coaching education, AS3 makes sure all coaches are certified at and bring comprehensive experience with professional coaching and a relevant background as specialists, leaders or executives. AS3 provides coaching in English and any Nordic language and has back offices and sales representatives in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

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Powered by AS3 company best online coaches
Picture of the LevelUp coaching standards team

The highest coaching standards

On the LevelUp platform, AS3 employs a team of 164 professional coaches supporting people development and personal growth through sparring, reflection, learning, feedback and accountability.

The quality of our coaching offering is monitored and developed by

Hanna Suoranta

Executive Coach and Managing Partner, AS3 Finland

Lisbeth Bygsø-Petersen

Transition Coach Senior Practitioner, Director of Wellbeing & Coaching, AS3 Transition

Katarina Moberg

Management Consultant, CEO, AS3 Sweden

Einar Wergeland-Jenssen

Leadership Consultant, Organisational Psychologist, Managing Director, AS3 Transition Norway