1. Go to the LevelUp Frontpage

  2. In the section "Your active coachees", locate and click your coachee

  3. To make the feature visible for your coachee locate and click Shared files and then click Create Folder

  4. To share files click SHARE NEW FILE and browse and upload your file

  5. To download, upload new versions, see version history, rename or delete files - Click

This feature will not be visible for your coachee unless you initiate a folder sharing. This is an effective way to follow your coachees work progress and is highly recommended.

☝🏽 Please note

All files uploaded are "secured by obscurity" meaning that if you share the direct URL to the file with anyone, they will be able to access it. Uploaded files are not indexed by search engines or listed outside this feature, so the chance that anyone outside LevelUp will access your file is minimal.