LevelUp allows new coachees to select on what language, level (Employee, Manager/Specialist or Executive) and themes they would like coaching. Based on their choices they are presented with a list of matching coaches. When a coachee has selected a coach, they are given access to LevelUp app and connected with their coach via chat. The selected coach will also be notified and encouraged to start a chat about their first video-based session on the LevelUp app.

To fill in your profile please follow these simple steps and comply with guidelines for useful profile information.

  1. Go to your Profile page

  2. Fill in all the information in the section "Public profile" following these guidelines:

    1. Title / certification
      Keep it short and concise. Any relevant background is best placed in your profile description.

    2. Your coaching themes
      Select the themes that you feel comfortable with and you would like to be matched with coachees on

    3. Your description
      In this field, you describe your coaching style or who you are as a coach or a motto, something about your professional background (positions / industries), Be brief! Here's a great example:

      I help you to think smarter about your own themes and find your best solutions for them. To see my coachees grow and achieve their dreams is inspiring. My experience comes from working in different roles in general management (CEO, HR), sales, marketing (marketing director / manager, outdoor business and telecommunications), and coaching.

  3. When you are ready to be matched with new coachees on LevelUp, click the toggle to indicate that you are available for coach matching.

NOTE: Your coaching levels are set by AS3 and depends on your experience and profile.

To learn more about the matching algorithm, see the "Get matched with an online coach" article.

Also, if you want to see a guided tour of the app, please watch this video.