When a coaching programme has ended, you may want to archive it from your list of coaching programmes and close the chat room you share with the coachee.

To archive the programme,

  1. click on the coachee name on your LevelUp app's Home page.

  2. On the coachee page, click the tab called "Administrative".

  3. In the Archive Programme section, click the "Archive programme" button.

  4. Now, the coachee will not be on your list anymore

Your coachee will still be able to log in and review their programme and the resources you've shared with them.

To close the chat room,

  1. Go to the Chat section of the LevelUpp app

  2. Click the chat room you share with your coachee

  3. In the chat room click the cog wheel icon

    1. Now, you may either leave the room and the chat room will still be available to the coachee or

    2. Archive the room and it will be available to none of you

If you archive the room, your coachee will still be able to review your chat, but not to message you or start a video meeting.