1. In the main navigation, click Resources

Editing Folders

  1. In Resources you will find a list of your folders (empty, if you have not yet created any) and a list of folders shared with you.
    (while coachees simply get a list of resources you have shared with them, as a coach, you get folders and are able to access all resources in the folders you have access to)

    • Some folders have a 👑 icon. These are folders validated by your coaching organisation for high quality

    • In your own folders you can change their name, edit the Resources inside and share the folder with other coaches

    • Folders shared with you grant you editing rights, while other only permit viewing

    • No matter your permissions on a folder, you are free to share each Resource inside with your coachees, when you find the Resource relevant and effective in their development

  2. To create a folder click the Create folder button

  3. To rename a folder click the menu right next to the folder title and select Rename folder

  4. To share a folder, click the menu right next to the folder title and select Folder permissions

    • As an owner or editor of a folder you may grant others permissions

    • If you are the owner of a folder and also an admin of your coaching organisation, you may add the "Validated..." label and 👑 icon to a folder with Resources of extra high standards. They will then automatically be available with viewing access to all coaches of your organisation

Editing Resources

  1. Click a folder to access its Resources

  2. Click the New Resource button to add a new Resource

  3. To view an existing Resource, simply click its image or title

  4. To edit an existing Resource, click the menu right next to the Resource title and select Edit

    1. Please fill in all fields of your Resource and notice the Preview option at the top of the form. If you edit on a big screen, you will also get a live preview to the right of the editing form

    2. Currently Resource Types are either

      1. article with a lot of contents and possibly attached files and links to external contents

      2. or Link to webpage where you simply get a handy way to "embed" and external webpage - eg. a paper or blog post from an authoritative subject expert - into the LevelUp Resource experience.
        Note: Please check the preview to see if the "embed" works - some websites block this approach and you will have to use the article Resource Type and add the page as an external link.

  5. To share a Resource, click the menu right next to the Resource title and select Share

    1. You'll see a list of all your active coachees and be able to check who should have access.

    2. Once you click save, the Resource will immediately appear in your coachee's Resource section and have a "New" label on a top-right ribbon of the Resource image to draw some attention. If you unchecked one of your coachees, the Resource will immediately disappear, without any notice to your coachee.

Please note: You cannot see the notes your coachees add to their Resources, but in your Action Log (in the main navigation), you can see, when they mark a Resource "Completed"